Dinners and Refreshments

The Botanical Garden will provide a small Cafeteria with drinks and snacks during any of the three days of the exhibition.

© Nicole Rebbert
© Nicole Rebbert

.... not only our plants are hungry


Besides this there will be two evening dinners organized by the G.f.P. for all attendees of the exhibition. On the first day we are offering the possiblity to join a meal at Meyer's Speis und Trank close to the botanical garden. The conference dinner will take place on saturday evening in the President Hotel. Here are some more inforamtions about the two events.


Please register if you want to join any of these dinners!



20.07.2012 - Friday evening - starting at about 19:00 o'clock


We will meet at the Meyers in Bonn. The restaurant is in walking distance of the botanical garden. Dinners will be served a la carte, you pay your bill individually. Please check out the restaurant on their homepage.


Homepage of Meyer's Speis und Trank


Registration for this event is free, but necessary as we have to know the number of people, that will join us there.



Clemens-August-Straße 51a
53115 Bonn - Poppelsdorf



21.07.2012 - Saturday Evening - starting from 18:00 o'clock


The conference dinner will take place at the President Hotel close to the botanical garden. You will be welcome with a class of sparkling wine before the Buffet will be served. The plan will be as follows


18.00 o'clock - 19:00 o'clock- Welcome of everyone


19:30 o'clock- open end - Buffet




Seafood salad with sugar peas

Breast of spring chicken with Cumberland sauce

Roastbeef, medium rare, with remoulade sauce

Salmon medley with creamed horseradish

Salat buffets 




Fillet of pork with Sauce Bernaise

Chopped veal Zurich style

Poached fillet of Pangasius on lemon butter

Medley of seasonal vegetables

Almond spaetzle

Au gratin potatoes 

Spahetti on rucola pesto




Bavarian Crème with strawberry sauce

Dark and white Mousse au chocolat

Board of French Cheese 

Rolls with butter and curd cheese with herbs 


Registration for this event is 35€, drinks are not included. Drinks will have to be payed individually.



Clemens-August-Str. 32-36
53115 Bonn


Registration is required if you want to join this event. There will be no evening sales. 


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