Sales and Exchange:

The sale and exchange of carnivorous plants takes place all three days 10:00am to 06:00pm. The delivery of plants is possible on Thurstay evening and on Friday, Saturday and Sunday morning till 09:00 am. Our favoured date is Thursday evening. We'll work out a target date individually. The dismount is only possible on Friday, Saturday and Sunday after 06:00 pm.


The botanical garden is charging a fee of 10€ per meter standlength and day.

All offerer are requested to apply their required space in time before the event. Suppliers and larger offerer should request at least 2 months before. For private and smaller offerer we advise a request 1 month before.

Announcement can be done via menu item "registration".

Registered sellers:

Up to now these sellers have registered:


Thomas Carow (Homepage)

Oliver Gluch (Homepage)

Gert Hoogenstrijd (Homepage)

Stefan Lenßen (Homepage)

Rogier van Loenen (Homepage)

Stewart McPherson (Homepage)

Andreas Wistuba (Homepage)

Markus Welge (Homepage)

Michael Ermel

Peter Harbarth

Klaus Ivanez

Dieter Kadereit

Pascal Kulms

Mathias Maier

Henry Mattner

Miroslav Srba

Sales- and informationstand of the GfP:

Like realized at the EEE 2006 for the first time, we’d like to setup, a central salespoint at the GfP- informationstand, parented by volunteers. Here plants can be given to in order to sell them. This is a service concerned for persons who just bring small amounts of plants with them. It has the advantage that you don’t have to look after a booth yourself and can range totally free the whole time.

There are some things to consider before using the salespoint:


1) Each plant has to include two labels. The first Label is for the buyer and can be labeled by the offerer the way he wants to. The second label is for accounting and must be labeled with the name of the offerer, the price and the species sold. With the help of these two labels the offerer gets his due for the sale.


2) 10% of the revenue goes as a fee to a project concerning the protection of carnivorous plants.



For judicial reasons we have to indicate, that all offeres have strictly to observe the rules of species conservation.


Registered visitors get free admittance to the botanical garden. Therefor a nametag as a ticket is send to you. You have to take that ticket and show it when entering the botanical garden.