Basic information

© Christian Dietz
© Christian Dietz

Registration is required for any of the two dinners and for the field trip to the Wahner Heide. The prices are:


Conference Fee : 10€

Dinner on Friday - to be payed individually, but registration is necessary.

Conference Dinner on Saturday: 35€, drinks not included

Field Trip to Wahner Heide: sorry - fully booked.


With paying the conference fee you will get free entrance into the botanical Garden on any of the three days.


After sending the registration from this site you will be contacted by us with our bank details. Payment can be done directly to our bank account. Paypal is possible too, but we will ask for an additional of 4% if you want to paying using this method.


The registration ist closed sind 10.07.2012. We cannot accept registrations anymore. If you would like to contact us, please send an email to

Plant sale

The Botanical Garden will ask for a fee of 10€ per day and meter table length. If you want to sell plants, please choose the amount of meters you would like to order from the menu below.


Plants can be delivered each day from 8.00am to 9.00am or already (and our prefered option) on thursday evening. We will discuss these times with you after the registration.


For sellers who just want to sell a few plants so it doesn't pay off to have your own table, we offer a salestable where you can bring your plants. For more information please see "General Information".


Plants can be taken out of the botanical garden only after 18.00 pm.